By: robotsvdinosaurs

Oct 16 2013

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Focal Length:44mm
Shutter:1/14 sec

many moons ago, i watched the amazing spider-man in 3d imax (you thought i was going to say tron, didn’t you??) and it was a weirdly amazingly (pun intended) rejuvenating experience.  it made me feel all angsty teenagey again, all full of beans and spunk (spaced reference, anyone?), and after 2 years in sad sad lawyer-land, that feeling was crazy refreshing.  i felt all young again!  suddenly i wanted to wear long-sleeve t’s under t-shirts, read harry potter under my desk (yeah…i actually did that in high school), and make shit.  basically the trifecta of feelings that i generally strive for in life.

riding high on these spider-fumes, i decided it was finally time to tackle a new drawing.  i had been meaning to try drawing this still of tron forEVER (seriously, i literally had the dvd timestamp on a post-it on my wall for over a year), but was always worried to start it (what if i got work emails and had to stop? i notoriously can’t finish something once i walk away from it).  i also hadn’t drawn anything in awhile so i was kind of legitimately worried that ye olde fingers would be quite rusty.  but spider-man gave me the perfect amount of “oh fuck it” attitude that got me to finally sit down, break out the faithful charcoal, and go to town.  spider-man is the best.